So I need a little help guys. I’m trying to get the word out about my book, Quiet Courage, and what better way I figure than asking the tumblrverse for some assistance.

If everybody that follows me could just reblog this message once when you see it, that’s 150 some odd blogs this post is on that it wasn’t before! Help me out and support a changing movement to bring more LGBT characters to the front of every genre.

We live in an incredibly changing era and its time for everyone to have a visual representation in the media. Since I was young I’ve always found escape between the pages of a good fantasy adventure. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The worlds of Tamora Pierce, all of them brought me so much excitement and solace as I struggled fitting in at school and in life.

But despite their splendor these stories never fully resonated with me. I never found someone like me. So I decided one day to make my own. What resulted was the world of Sundast and Cienn’s story in Quiet Courage. Cienn is an openly gay youth in a home that doesn’t quite know how to accept him. His struggle personifies the journey thousands of young gay men and women, including myself, experienced growing up. I won’t lie, being a gay youth in today’s society still isn’t easy. Many of us still struggle to find our place in the world.

We unfortunately live in a world only halfway to perfection. Many of us have seen the errors of the past and are striving to change for the better. But there is still the influence of those that came before us weighing heavily on the shoulders of today. We see that in the seemingly never-ending list of teen suicides, the continued hate crimes both at home and overseas, and the snail’s pace of change of social reform. And while we lock ourselves in this boisterous, overly dramatic argument about the rights of human beings some of those human beings get left on the wayside crying out for a lifeline.

Some lifelines do exist. And more are popping up all the time. But the fact of the matter is that the people who need these messages of acceptance and equality aren’t the 45-year-old moms who absolutely love Kurt on Glee, but are the boys and girls who cry themselves to sleep at night wishing they could just be normal. They need to know there is someone out there just like them who rises above the expectations society sets on them. They need to know that “normal” is what you make it and they need to know that it’s still okay to love whomever you choose.

I needed this story growing up, and I would hate to deny the next generation something I wish that I’d had. So I thank you for helping me spread this message. And if I can bring solace to even one person I will have done my job. If you are one of those people who are confused and lonely, this is for you.

The book is available for purchase in all of its splendor (currently as an ebook or paperback) or can be read for free online. Just follow the link and head on over to sundast.tumblr.com/home or click the image above.

Thanks again!

~Patrick, author and illustrator for Quiet Courage

Updates on my books.

Hello my ducks,

Just checking in with my kind-of-bi-weekly/monthly-whenever-I-honestly-have-a-moment update.

The books are here and boy do they look swell! No seriously they look awesome. You guys want to see? Of course you do. 😉

visit the kickstarter update to have a look here:

 So totally cool right? So you might be asking yourself, “Patrick, why haven’t you mailed those books yet? You’ve had them for weeks now!” What a good question mystery-duck. The answer is quite simple really, I still have more to do.

I don’t want to send out any prizes until I know everything but the hardcover copies can be sent out together. I have finished tallying, organizing and laying out the bookmarks and have begun the process of printing and laminating them. Once those are done and the ebook is finally settled (more on that in a second) I’ll begin shipping. Again I’m sorry my initial time estimates were so off everyone, but how was I supposed to know how long it would take to publish a book? I’ve never done it before. But don’t worry everything will be on its way in due time.

Now, about those ebooks. I’ve got most of the glitches figured out (I finally figured out how to anchor the images into the text so they don’t end up in random spots) but there are still a few problems. The first is inserting the Table of Contents and having all the hyperlinks actually work. But thats really only a problem for the Apple and Kindle copies, Nook is cool and makes contents for you anyways. There’s also the issue with missing or changed fonts on export. They show up fine on my computer but when I upload them to Nook they all change on me. Finally the ebook publisher I’ve been using has major issues with my epub file, and I’d really rather not transfer everything back to Microsoft word. 

Oh and if anyone knows how to upload a .MOBI to the Kindle app I’d greatly appreciate the help. Amazon what are you doing with your book app? Get your shit together. haha. Anyways I hope i can figure it out.

Oh, and speaking of the hardcover copies I figured you should know their status too. I don’t know if I mentioned my decision to switch to stab binding instead of the more traditional coptic stitching for the books, but I’ve decided to go with a stab binding for greater simplicity and ease of construction. Plus now I can make great use of cool colored threads and intricate stitches. The problem lies not in the stitching or binding, but in finding a way to print the signatures without a cover in a large enough quantity to use. I’m currently looking into more local printing options.

But overall we’re making some good progress on everything. You should all see packages in your mailboxes very soon.

Till next time my ducks!



I’ve launched a kickstarter to help fund the first paperback edition of Quiet Courage. There are some fabulous prizes for backers including:

~Original Bookmarks

~Signed copies of Quiet Courage

~Free versions of the e-book

~Hand bound Hardcover editions stitched by the author/illustrator’s own hand! (that would be me.)

In addition this new paperback edition will launch side by side with a new e-book version. Both versions will included updated content and story, a few of which I’ve mentioned below.

~All new illustrations here-to-yet unseen!

~Newly completed chapter header illustrations!

~grammatical and continuity errors fixed!

~A letter from the Author!

~And More!

So please go over and watch the 2 minute video. Maybe donate a dollar. Every bit helps and every backer is a winner!

This is now a real blog

I figured out how to make a home page on this thing, so now I can finally use this blog as an actual blog. So I know this is only a text post but I just wanted to say that this is becoming my art and writing blog in addition to being an accompaniment to Quiet Courage. So a few brief updates before I run away.

Quiet Courage is going to print! I’ll be launching a Kickstarter to help with funding on June 1st. There will be both a “cheaper” standard print edition and then I will also be hand binding a limited print of my own. Stay on the lookout for more news about that!

Quiet Courage as well as some of my other original works will be on display at the Maine Charitable Mechanic’s Association in Portland’s First Friday this upcoming month. If you’re in the area (the Maine area not the Oregon area) stop in and say hello! Portland’s First Friday is very impressive.

So stay tuned for more exciting things from the Patrick Harrison Inspiration studio! Be sure to like me on facebook and follow me on twitter. And tell your friends. All four of you. 😉