I’ve launched a kickstarter to help fund the first paperback edition of Quiet Courage. There are some fabulous prizes for backers including:

~Original Bookmarks

~Signed copies of Quiet Courage

~Free versions of the e-book

~Hand bound Hardcover editions stitched by the author/illustrator’s own hand! (that would be me.)

In addition this new paperback edition will launch side by side with a new e-book version. Both versions will included updated content and story, a few of which I’ve mentioned below.

~All new illustrations here-to-yet unseen!

~Newly completed chapter header illustrations!

~grammatical and continuity errors fixed!

~A letter from the Author!

~And More!

So please go over and watch the 2 minute video. Maybe donate a dollar. Every bit helps and every backer is a winner!

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