Cast of Characters

Main Characters

Name: Lord Cienn lun‘Orater (SEE-un lune-OR-atair)

Age: 17

Height: 5’11”

Family: Duke Cierke lun‘Orater (Father, Deceased), Duchess Canasena do’Aten la’Orater (Mother), Duke Tenur lun’Orater (Stepfather), Lady Cerenae la‘Orater (twin sister), Lady Tassena la’Orater (sister), Lord Tenatur lun‘Orater (brother), The Dowager Duchess Tessaria la’Orater (Great Aunt)

Description: Cienn has always been a shy, quiet fellow. Quick to hide and even quicker to duck out of civilized conversation. He hates the backhanded compliments and sly remarks that make up court life, and longs of the far off days of running through the woods of their Isaleo estates with his father. As heir to the Dukedom of Analon he has a lot of responsibility laying across his shoulders, something his step-father Tenur never lets him forget.

Magical Abilities: Cienn is a Medium, meaning he can harness the power of his own mind. A medium with power levels the likes of which few have seen in a hundred or so years, he has to fast track his magical training in order to save the family that means everything. His strongest channels lie in Telekinesis, Telepathy and Precognition, but even his Empathy is nothing to balk at. For more information on the workings of mind magic figure check out the Glossary.

cerenae mugshot

Name: Lady Cerenae la‘Orater (SAIR-en-ay lah-OR-atair)

Age: 17

Height: 5’10”

Family: Duke Cierke lun‘Orater (Father, Deceased), Duchess Canasena do’Aten la’Orater (Mother), Duke Tenur lun’Orater (Stepfather), Lord Cienn lun‘Orater (twin brother), Lady Tassena la’Orater (sister), Lord Tenatur lun‘Orater (brother), The Dowager Duchess Tessaria la’Orater (Great Aunt)

Description:Unlike her brother, Cerenae has always thrived in the swirl of court life. She’s flamboyant, perky and exciting. Her perception and intuition is fairly unmatched. But her headstrong opinions haven’t made it too easy for her to find a husband. She wishes she could help her brother with his burdens, but as a lady of the house there isn’t too much she can do.

Magical Abilities: Cerenae is a Medium, meaning she can harness the power of her own mind. While a powerful medium it’s true, her magical levels are much more within normal levels. Her strongest channel is Empathy, followed closely by Foresight. Her Telepathy and Telekinesis lack strength however she could make them stronger with training. The problem is finding someone in the city who can train her in secret without the Crown discovering her activities.

kain mugshot

Name: Kourokain Admontan (kor-o-KAIN ad-MON-tan)

Age: 20

Height: 6’1”

Family: Imagehi Quontinn (Old Friend), Aludaria (Familiar)

Description: Kain spent his life living with the extreme tyranny of the Crown. Yet despite his hardships he’s a fun-loving and rather laid back fellow. He enjoys a good practical joke and isn’t afraid to laugh at what he thinks is funny. Even if it really isn’t. He’s very committed to his cause though and longs for the day magic is returned to Sundast.

Magical Abilities: Kain is a mage of western traditions. Western mages bond to Familiars which help them manifest their abilities. His concentration lies in Shielding, but he has the strength to be a half decent battle mage as well. His classification would be a Shield Mage Fourth, but he’s definitely not one to care to much for rank.

charna mugshot

Name: Charna of Idaine

Age:  23

Height:  5’3”

Family:  the Former Baroness of Idaine, Durchal (Mother, Deceased), Alcana (Familiar)

Description: Charna has had to deal with great power since birth. Even before her true powers had manifested her magic was already straining at the seams. It was what drew the mercenaries across the border from Sundast and into her home. She thought she would die in the top tower room of her ancestral home when a great black bird swooped in to save the day. With the unusual bonding of her Familiar Alcana Charna began the journey to become a mage of unparalleled class and skill. Still she’s very humble. Harnessing that much power isn’t easy, and it’s taught her to treat others with kindness instead of hostility.

Magical Abilities: Charna is an All Crafts mage, meaning there is no channel of magery that is unknown to her. In addition she is one of the very few mages able to claim the Extended Fourth class. Her power is vast and imposing, without her Phoenix Familiar Alcana she would surely be lost adrift in its massive pool of magic. Still she struggles with it’s control on a daily basis, but its taught her humility and honor the likes of which few have seen. She is a force to be reckoned with not because of her strength but because of her restraint.

mags mugshot

Name: Imagehi Quontinn (ih-MAG-hi KWAN-tin)

Age:  24

Height:  7’8”

Family: Her family is the hundreds of Elementals that reside within the catacombs beneath the Bylis ruins. After her Ordeal that was the only true family she needed.

Description: Water Adept on the Elemental Council and head adviser to the leader of the rebellion. Her charge generally extends to the fortifications of Bylis. Some might find it odd to have a Water Elemental as head of the fortifications, what with water’s generally peaceful comparisons. But don’t be fooled. ‘Mags’ can bout with the best of them, keep rowdy recruits in line, stop disputes between captains with a single glare of her frightening ethereal eyes and still sit down for a pint with the men after the day is done. She is most relaxed around the myriad of foot soldiers that make up the bulk of the rebel forces and loves a good draft and a laugh to keep her spirits high.

Magical Abilities: Mags is a Water Elemental. Elementals harness the powers of the gods to control the elements to their whim. The strongest among them have the ability to separate their souls from their bodies to form an ethereal Elemental form that can attack with unparalleled strength. Mags is unique in her particular mastery of her element, which is what earned her a place on the governing council of Elementals. The most distinguishing feature of her power? a 70ft stream of water that follows along behind her like a lost puppy craving attention.

Supporting Characters

-Her Grace Canasena do’Aten la’Orater, 39-
The Duchess of Analon and mother to both Cienn and Cerenae, as well as Tassena and Tenatur. A very caring woman, she is currently at the end of what will hopefully be her last pregnancy. But there have been complications beyond that of just her 39 years of age and repeated miscarriages and the house is very worried


-His Grace Tenur lun‘Orater, 56-
The Duke of Analon, step-father to Cienn, Cerenae and Tassena and father to little Tenatur.  An aging, bald man with a big gut he’s not a big fan of his step-son and a little bit to big of a fan of his step-daughter.

-Lady Tassena la‘Orater, 15
Younger sister to Cienn and Cerenae, she’s fairly meek and bookish. Where her sister and brother have drawing rooms she turned her’s into her own private library and has been known to spend days in there perusing the ancient tombs.

-Lord Tenatur lun‘Orater, 4 1/2
Youngest of the Orater brood, Tenatur doesn’t care for much outside of his imaginary battles for the Inner Sea and when was the last time his Mama gave him a big hug.

-Dowager Duchess Tessaria la‘Orater, Don’t even ask
Eldest living member of the Orater family, Tessaria knows much about the young and old regimes of royalty. The unspoken Matriarch of the Orater line, the safety and prosperity of her family is always her most important priority. At any cost.

-Baron Gerall van’Ivden, 23
The young Baron of Ivden’s Peak, he’s a headstrong lad with wealth he doesn’t quite know what to do with. It’s landed him in some pretty hot water before and now it seems he’s set his eyes on Cienn…

-Prince Lohann doh‘Adessa, 17-
Eldest son of Kadesh doh’Adessa, King of Sundast, and recent heartthrob of the noble girls at court. He’s charming, kind and quick witted, albeit quite shy. It’s truly no wonder how he’s stolen the hearts of so many. to bad none of them are the heart that he wants…


-King Kadesh doh‘Adessa, High King of Sundast, 39
6th King of Sundast. Kadesh has done much to increase the power of the One and Her church through his reign. Quite the religious zealot he has been very close friends with the last six Popes of the Eye. Through him the church has increased their hold on the peoples of Sundast and converted many to their faith. With each year of his reign the power of the old Gods has weakened amongst the people.

-Bisielle, I don’t think she could honestly tell you anymore
A healer mage of great renown, she has treated the ills of many a king and ruler. These days she has committed herself fully to the rebel cause and is intent on seeing the return of magic to the Sundastian throne.

The Gods

The Two Trees: In the beginning there were just the two Trees, Talichiri and Amalda. Amalda ruled over the morning and the day, while Talichiri oversaw the evening and the night. From their roots sprang forth the worlds and from their branches arose the Great Gods.


Majran: The Great Goddess of Life. She, along with Qipori conceived the concept of man. And together with her brethren wrought them into existence in their image. She is all that is life incarnate. She usually appears as a tall black skinned woman with shimmering white hair, freckles, no mouth and pointed ears.


Miskev: The Great God of Death. He resides over the Realms of Peace and harbors the dead to the fields of the dead in the Divine Plain. He interacts very little with society and is only known in modern times through those who serve him and of course, those near their time. He appears as a tall white skinned man with pointed ears, no mouth, black hair and eyes and robed all in black.


Movek: The Great God of Humanity. Also known in modern times as the God of Magic. The third child of Amalda he was the God who blessed man with all the gifts of humanity. In the earliest days he lived among man and took a mortal lover, Alden. When the One wrongly killed Alden, instead of letting his brother take him to the Realms of Peace he changed magic in its most basic form and created the gods of the Elements. He appears as a pale skinned man with curly dark blond hair and a bare chest.


Qipori: The Great God of Dreams. Lord of the dragons of Dralt, he is responsible for the dreams of all sentient life. He rules the Heavenly council with his cousin Majran, and appears as a great purple dragon with antlers and a long, low slung body. His priesthood appears in much the same way as him, albeit much, much smaller.



Bitepu: The Great Goddess of the Seasons. She appears as a great Phoenix of constantly changing plumage. All phoenixes are her vassals and watch over the change of seasons in the world.


Itellia: Once known as the Great Goddess of Knowledge. She was the third child of Talichiri. She appeared then as a tall pale skinned woman with fly away red hair and flowing green robes. A golden headdress of peacock feathers adorned her brow. Her constant search for knowledge brought her to create Darkness and the Void. For her transgressions she was cast out from her heavenly order and forced to live in the Void which she had created. Most of the Gods still refer to her by this name.

The One: The Goddess of Darkness and Revenge, forbidden to exist within the Realms of the Trees for her creation of demons and darkness. She appears as a skeletal spine and torso shrouded in darkness, with a host of demons at her sides. In Sundast she appears to her followers as her old form of Itellia, and no one within the Kingdom knows of her true nature.



Alden: The God of Air. Appears as a pale skinned, dark haired boy with wild electric blue eyes. He abhors the thought of clothing and is often seen naked. A glorious set of 8 wings fan out from his back in pairs. He has command over the winds and weather. Worshiped by Air Nomads. Lover and mate to Movek, the God of Humanity.



Nanali: The Goddess of Earth. She appears as a large, dark skinned woman with knotted, black hair. Her garb is made of forest breezes and leaves, a flowing and ever changing garment of great beauty. She wears a crown of leaves on her brow and has control over the ground and forests as well as agriculture. Wife to Rondin, the God of Fire and mother of Morwona, Goddess of the Wild.



Rondin: The God of Fire. Appears as a short, dwarf man with a long white beard and intimidating black eyes. He is a master of the forge and holds command over fires and all who work with its power. He carries a great forge hammer and a heavenly hawk is always at his side. Husband of Nanali, Goddess of Earth and father of Morwona, Goddess of the Wild.



Sanasha: The Goddess of Water. She appears as an elegant blue-skinned mermaid. Her moods are as fickle as the open ocean and she is rarely called upon without great need. She holds sway of all the waterways of the world and is worshipped by the Water Nomads.



Morwona: The Goddess of the Wild. Daughter of Rondin and Nanali she holds sway over the wilds of the worlds, the animals and creatures who live in the depths of uncharted lands. She appears as a dark skinned woman with cows ears, a lion’s tail and small butterfly wings. She is revered by the horse lords of the Appurenads and has been said to be seen racing across its landscapes with her wild hunt of faeries.