“Quiet Grace” Updated and some upkeep

Hello my dragonlings!

First off, let me announce that “Quiet Grace” the Rough Draft has officially begun on my wattpad page with Chapter 1! You can start your adventure in the land of Sundast, or continue it, over there. It’s not as enamoring or finalized as the published books are and will be but it’s still a great way to read the best up and coming LGBT fantasy novel out there, especially if you are on a budget. Though personally, I always find a little room in my budget for books. 😉

Additionally I realized a few of the images on the website were hosted by photobucket, which has gone and ruined themselves with a dastardly attempt to make a quick buck. All of the images have been fixed and I apologize for those ghastly, low resolution, replacement images photobucket came up with. Ew.

Other than that my personal and non-book-related business life is shaking up quite a bit. But I plan to plug along on “Quiet Grace” as much as I can as things resettle. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I recently moved into my own little studio. It’s currently still at home, but it’s so nice to have a real room, with a door and privacy and space to show off all of my inspiring memorabilia. And I’ve already seen an upswing in my productivity.

So stay on the look out for more from Sundast and the studio at Dragon’swing Creations. I’ve got so much still in store for all of you!


Till next time!

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“Quiet Grace” the Preface

Are you ready for the next exciting installment of “Quiet Grace”?! Catch up with the ‘Orater clan and all that has happened in the lands of Sundast since we departed the realm last fall. Follow the easy link below or click on the last hotlink at the bottom of the page!


Stay tuned for the next exciting installment and enjoy your adventures in the lands of Sundast!

Quiet Grace has begun!

Dramatis Personae – “Quiet Grace”

So it’s just the new cast of characters, but I plan to upload the Preface in the next two weeks as a teaser. Afterwards drafts will be uploaded in a monthly format. I hope you enjoy this new adventure. Please be sure to share with your friends as you begin, and let me know how you’re enjoying it. This is going to be an evolution of sorts as the story grows, and I’m excited to get to share it with all of you.

So enjoy this little teaser of old and new players on the stage of Sundast! And get ready for another whirlwind adventure full of magic, love, and destiny as Gods and Goddesses and men and women clash for their homes!

Thanks Everyone! See you next time!


The new website is live!

A new year, a new look. Say hello to the new face of the Sundast Sagas! Here you will find everything you could ever want about the world of Sundast and it’s books: “Quiet Courage” and the upcoming sequel “Quiet Grace”. A few things of note while I have your attention.

This is the last week to catch the show “Imaginings of Quiet Grace” in Portland Maine! Check the Quiet Courage Facebook page for more information! 


“Quiet Grace” the rough draft will begin being posted on my wattpad page by the end of May! I’ll be posting chapters in their raw form as I finish them. Who knows how long I’ll keep them there (probably forever!). Check out my wattpad in the meantime anyways to stay up to date.


And lastly, THANK YOU! to everyone who’s helped this little book make it this far. “Quiet Courage” and the Sundast Sagas are still just taking off, but I know with your help they’re going to go far! So thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do. 


Here’s till next time!