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“I find myself drawn to the life of a Renaissance man. My fingers in a lot of pies, so to speak. But if I had to define myself I would say I am an Artist, Writer and Intuitive Healer. Using these skills I weave worlds that insight change and inspire imagination. I bend the very fabric of our Universe to create images and tales that entice the participant to embark on a journey of transformation.

Art is meant to be a journey, to take you somewhere, an actual place, a place in your memory or simply somewhere in your imagination. With my work I strive to take that experience even further. All of my work is divinely inspired and crafted with the highest intent for the future holder. With something of my creation you will find yourself leaving your journey a different person than you began.” – Patrick Harrison

Patrick Harrison is an artist, illustrator and author living on the southern coast of Maine. He strives to create work that inspires change in those who view it and provides an honest and true portrayal of the differences and similarities among all of us. Please enjoy this humble expression of his works.

His illustrative work strives to illuminate the similarities in lifestyle between all people, and speaks to growing up and the personal evolution of coming of age. His characters connect the viewer with the pieces, then the fantastic settings give the work a unique flair and personality. In a style that is very much reminiscent of animated classics and many childrens book art, blended with elements of realism, impressionism and iconography his work brings to light an important social topics close to him in stories and settings that are completely his own.

In his work as a fantasy and science-fiction novelist he focuses on creating a broader spectrum of protagonists in the genre and in literature overall. Particularly in concern to LGBT representation. His self-published debut novel “Quiet Courage” has traveled to six other countries and is sold in bookstores throughout the state.

Find Quiet Courage at:
Nonesuch Books in Biddeford, ME!
Longfellow Books in Portland, ME!
Sherman’s Books in Portland, ME!

Available on the iBookstore and for the Barnes and Noble Nook! Just search: “Quiet Courage”
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