You’ll be seeing a lot of this…

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Over the next month. Apologies in advance. Only not really. Help out the cause and you could get a copy for your very own! How exciting! I also plan on some serious updates of this, a couple of bloggy type things, some arty type things and a whole bunch of fun. So stay on the look out. And seriously, help me out here. 5 dollars could put Quiet Courage on the page and shelf.

Hello again everyone. Especially you new follower. 😉 So like I said this is becoming more of my art and writing blog in addition to sundast’s companion site. So here’s a little good morning art for you all. I’m getting ready to work on a very serious project today. If things go well maybe I’ll tell you guys about it. If not. Well at least you know I tried.

Have a great day my ducks!

This is now a real blog

I figured out how to make a home page on this thing, so now I can finally use this blog as an actual blog. So I know this is only a text post but I just wanted to say that this is becoming my art and writing blog in addition to being an accompaniment to Quiet Courage. So a few brief updates before I run away.

Quiet Courage is going to print! I’ll be launching a Kickstarter to help with funding on June 1st. There will be both a “cheaper” standard print edition and then I will also be hand binding a limited print of my own. Stay on the lookout for more news about that!

Quiet Courage as well as some of my other original works will be on display at the Maine Charitable Mechanic’s Association in Portland’s First Friday this upcoming month. If you’re in the area (the Maine area not the Oregon area) stop in and say hello! Portland’s First Friday is very impressive.

So stay tuned for more exciting things from the Patrick Harrison Inspiration studio! Be sure to like me on facebook and follow me on twitter. And tell your friends. All four of you. 😉