So those bookmarks kicked my ass.

But they’re finished! I have to go to work now so expect some MAJOR updates about the Quiet Courage Kickstarter starting tomorrow CUZ SWEET SORKA WE REACHED OUR GOAL! Get ready for some seriously exciting things happening in the world of Sundast.

If you want to get MORE copies of Quiet Courage sooner go on over to continue helping with the kickstarter pledge. Stretch Goals will be announced tomorrow but you can start now and be so surprised by all the cool stuff you’ll get!

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Hello again everyone. Especially you new follower. 😉 So like I said this is becoming more of my art and writing blog in addition to sundast’s companion site. So here’s a little good morning art for you all. I’m getting ready to work on a very serious project today. If things go well maybe I’ll tell you guys about it. If not. Well at least you know I tried.

Have a great day my ducks!